Two blind mice (VP/ix)

Bill Kennedy bill at ssbn.WLK.COM
Mon Sep 4 08:44:41 AEST 1989

I wailed a week or so ago about being unable to make a Logitech
mouse work with VP/ix and 386/ix 1.0.6.  Vernon Schryver (among
others) was most helpful and inspired me to experiment some more,
including moving the bus mouse IRQ and juggling COM ports.  I have
both serial and bus mice and I'm unable to get either of them to
function properly.  One at a time:

I assigned ttyi04 (Computone AT-8 card) to COM1 and COM1MOUSE and
was not able to get MOUSE.COM to find the mouse although COMCHECK
(and my line monitor) said there was rustling in the COM1 bushes.
CONFIG.SYS.  Behold!  The rustling was the mouse.  The problem is
that it doesn't move the cursor correctly in MTRACK40, the button
lights turn on and off as the mouse moves and the cursor careens
around the screen, only generally in the direction the mouse is
moving.  So I'm able to get them to coexist but not function with
the smart card and MOUSE.SYS.

When I made a kernel with the bus mouse assigned to IRQ4 (I have
completely disabled COM1) it worked OK until I went into VP/ix
which signed on with an ERROR 6 (no such device) on /dev/mouse.
The node is there, 666 permissions.  MOUSE.COM complained (with
justification) that the mouse wasn't responding and both COMCHECK
and MTRACK40 confirmed this.  After I changed to MOUSE.SYS in the
CONFIG.SYS the mouse driver installs without a complaint, but the
kernel (/dev/mouse) isn't passing anything through to it.  Oh yeah,
I disabled the asy driver for COM1 as well as disabling the hardware.

So I have two blind mice.  I prowled around in the /usr/vpix/etc/conf
directory and found a bus mouse driver source, the UNIX part and IEM
part.  The readme.doc file is very clear, these examples are not
meant to be compiled.  They're right, two files, ptypes.h and v86error.h
are nowhere to be found.  I did find gdi.h but no where near where it
would be found to compile bmouse.c.  I also see where bmouse.c has the
IRQ and SIGNAL number both hard coded to 5, perhaps mouse.o that talks
to /dev/mouse also has IRQ5 hard coded.  Vernon's bus mouse works on
IRQ3, he and I each have a Wangtek tape that really wants to live on 5.
I have also tried IRQ2(9), but the system won't boot at all (no boot
prompt even) with the bus mouse set there.

Sorry to be so lengthy, but I wanted to save net.helpers from suggesting
something that I have already tried and I wanted to explain what I tried
so that someone could tell me what I might have screwed up.  Oh yes, both
mice work just fine in DOS, either COM port, or the bus mouse.  Thanks,
Bill Kennedy  usenet      {attctc,att,,sun!daver}!ssbn!bill
              internet    bill at ssbn.WLK.COM   or attmail!ssbn!bill

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