IPC-802 port board and Telebit Trailblazer modem

~XT6561110~Frank McGee~C23~L25~6326~ fmcgee at cuuxb.ATT.COM
Wed Sep 20 11:48:39 AEST 1989

In article <12683 at s.ms.uky.edu> sean at ms.uky.edu (Sean Casey) writes:
>lenny at alps.UUCP (Lenny Tropiano) writes:
>[problems with a trailblazer on an IPC-802]
>You might want to beg a software update from AT&T. We just got shipped
>two new boards that came with software rev 3.09. In the docs it lists a
>*lot* of gross problems they fixed. An embarrassing number of problems.

I'd agree.  The 3.0 drivers fix many, many bugs, and to my knowledge
none of the 3.0 users have come up with problems that relate to the
driver (usually it's cabling issues).  If you want the new driver,
it's FREE from the hotline at 1-800-922-0354.

As for MSDOS usage, I believe it states in the new manuals that come
with the driver that neither the IPC 802 or IPC 900 is recommended for
MSDOS use.  Not recommended, and if you really need it I'd recommend
you go to a different vendor if you're going to use it under MSDOS.
The board works great under Unix though (if you have the 3.0 driver).

Frank McGee, AT&T
Tier 3 Indirect Channel Sales Support

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