Willy Paine paine at
Fri Sep 15 16:46:27 AEST 1989

I have Interactive 386/ix 2.0.2 and I need to setup Hayes 2400 and HST
modem for incomming calls.   It took me over a month trying to set up
but these modem will NOT answer any calls.   Telebit is the only modem
that it works fine because I got technical information from TB.   I am
kind of confusing and I dont really understand why Hayes 2400 and HST
wont anwser.   I have excellent book, Managing uucp and usenet but this
does help me to get modem answer.    I am doing out going calls for over
a year in all my modem but recently I have only Telebit running

I would like to get gettydefs, inittab, modem S-Register setup and
anything that will make modem to answer any calls.   I have Compaq
386/20 with 9 pins com ports (2).  I have several rs232 cables include
one brand new.

I need your help really badly and  Interactive and SCO have not reply my
message yet.

Thank you for your time...


p.s. also  uunet!apex!nwnexus!seaeast!willyp  or willyp at

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