How to choose a new 386 UNIX PC...

B.SZABLAK bds at lzaz.ATT.COM
Tue Sep 19 07:22:45 AEST 1989

In article <16097 at vail.ICO.ISC.COM>, scottw at ico.ISC.COM (Scott Wiesner) writes:
> This is an interesting comment.  I'm not aware of any VGA boards with
> 16 bit latches, or any plans to produce such a board...

The idea of 16 bit latches apparently is in reference to speeding up the
interface to the board. My question is: if the VGA is an integral part of
the motherboard shouldn't it in principle run much faster than a bus card
limited to the ATs 8MHz bus (assumming the motherboard is running faster
than 8MHz)? Or is there some other factors involved?

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