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Ross M. Greenberg greenber at utoday.UUCP
Sun Sep 3 03:24:21 AEST 1989

In article <630 at visdc.UUCP> jiii at visdc.UUCP (John E Van Deusen III) writes:
>Speaking of mail, I am curious why UNIX TODAY doesn't have any "letters"
>section.  There are some people pretty fired up about the recent "UNIX
>Workstation" article that compared obsolete versions of ISC Unix against
>the latest Intel (Bell) offering.  Are your articles really just adds?
>Can't your advertisers tolerate ANY feedback?

First off, I think it might be best for me to get a biz group set up
for this kind of stuff:  it really doesn't belong here.

But, anyway....  We have a letters section, but we need to get letters
in order to print 'em.  The mailbox letters at utoday is aliased directly
over to my boss, Mike Azzara (The Buck Stops there:  he's the editor.
mikea at utoday) -- and he'll print the letters he gets (that fit, both in
length and content, naturally: make 'em short and to the point).

As for the review of the MPE.  Yeah,  I think *I* blew it on that one.
I posted a pretty long reply addressing all that stuff in comp.unix.i386,
coming to a spool directory near you soon.

Speaking for 90% of the pubs I know (I freelance for a number of pubs),
I can tell you that advertising and editorial *are* separate.  What we run
in UNIX Today! has had my publisher (the guy responsible for getting the
ad dollars in) running down to me a coupla times.  However, if he insists
on something, I quit.  So would everybody else on the editorial side of

Here's how *I* use the ads (not just in UNIX Today! but in those other
UNIX magazines -- can't remember their names right now.. :-) ).  I look
through the book, through the ads, through the New Products section.  From
there, I get ideas on what to review.  It is sad, but true, that 
non-advertisers are not noticed as much.  Simply because they're not as
present as advertisers are.  The UNIX comunity is still a bit disjointed,
there is no one source of information about new products.  Not yet, that
is:  that's our intent.

Getting this kinda stuff out of this newsgroup, 'cause it doesn't belong
here, I look forward to receiving mail telling us where we done good, and
where we done bad.  

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