_UNIX_Today!_ hits a new benchmarking low

Randy Suess randy at chinet.chi.il.us
Sun Sep 3 02:33:51 AEST 1989

In article <966 at utoday.UUCP> greenber at utoday.UUCP (Ross M. Greenberg) writes:
>This is me in an official capacity for UNIX Today!.
>Based on what I'm reading here, I guess we blew the benchmarks on the
>I blew it.  I screwed up.  
>I screwed up in a major way.
>Ross M. Greenberg
>UNIX TODAY!             594 Third Avenue   New York   New York  10016
>Review Editor           Voice:(212)-889-6431  BBS:(212)-889-6438

	I like this guy!
	Now, if I could only get a subscription....
Randy Suess
randy at chinet.chi.il.us

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