1-2 vs unlimited licenses (Unix for a 386)

Peter da Silva peter at ficc.uu.net
Sat Sep 2 02:01:12 AEST 1989

In article <1109 at virtech.UUCP>, cpcahil at virtech.UUCP (Conor P. Cahill) writes:
> wrongo.  A minimum algorithm would be if the 1-2 user system 
> can profitably be sold for $x + $x*markup, then the unlimited 
> user system can profitably be sold for $x+100 + ($x+100)*markup

This doesn't follow, because the retailer has no money at risk on the
unlimited license. They don't have to send the cash to AT&T until the
product sold, so the only capital at risk (which is what you should be
judging profit margins against) is the packaging and warehouse space.
If the cost on that is $x, with y% profit, then they can make the same
real profit (for salaries, stockholders, expansion, etc) on a limited
license at $(x *y%) + $50, or an unlimited license at $(x * y%) + $150.

They get a higher profit margin for the multiuser systems.

I suspect, actually, that this is justified... since I suspect that larger
multiuser systems suck up more of their support time.

> A second side issue is that I too am not all that happy about paying
> $3,000 for my 386 OS, especially when I call the customer service line
> and am told that I cannot get any direct support (I must go through
> my vendor who knows less about the product than I do).

Of course, if they're not providing support...
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