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Mon Sep 18 09:19:36 AEST 1989

In article <OJALA.89Sep17130137 at sauna.hut.FI> ojala at sauna.hut.FI (Petri Ojala) writes:
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> * Roy Neese of Adaptec fame has graciously made his SCSI drive setup program
> * available to me.  I've placed it in my public-access filesystem which
> * should be available by uucp..
>	Are those SCSI utilities available somewhere for anonymous
>ftp?  If not, could somebody, who can access medsys or has them do so ?

I've placed a copy of neese.scsi (scsi disk utility and readme) on host[].  Login as anonymous ftp and fetch

Enabling the Wren IV disk cache can make an enormous difference in
system performance.  My 386/16 with an AHA1540A and Wren IV running
SCO Xenix 2.3.1 can copy a 1 megabyte file to /dev/null in 6 seconds
with the cache enabled; with the cache disabled, the same copy takes
17 seconds. 

Thankyou, Roy Neese, for making this utility available.

Frank Pronk

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