Word Perfect 5.0 under vpix

Tom Neff tneff at bfmny0.UUCP
Mon Sep 4 01:30:17 AEST 1989

In article <9476 at chinet.chi.il.us> les at chinet.chi.il.us (Leslie Mikesell) writes:
>I got [WP 5.0] working under AT&T 3.2 by putting it on a DOS partition on
>the hard disk - it has no problems accessing data files in the
>unix filesystem.  It will probably also work if you install it on
>the VP/ix  C: drive or set up another similar virtual disk.  

This usually indicates that the program is trying to do sector or FAT
operations on a "drive" that is really the UNIX filesystem, disguised by
REDIR.  VP/ix will let you do any file operation you like on a
redirected file, but when you start to peek underneath the rug you blow
up.  I had this problem with some Intel translator tools that were
defaulting :WORK: to the current drive and directory.

In some cases the solution can be as simple as putting a "C:" drive
change command in your WORD.BAT file, to change the current drive and
directory over to something DOS sector operations work on (a pseudodrive
or mapped DOS partition) before invoking WORD.COM itself.

>                                                              The
>problem appears to with VP/ix file locking, since the files are
>handled individually in the unix file system but the floppies and
>DOS hard disk partitions are given to the first user that grabs
>them.  Of course only one user can run WP and in only one session
>unless you make other copies.

No, VP/ix gives the first requester Read/Write access and all subsequent
requesters Read/Only access, except for serial ports.  If you run into
this, Word should complain about a write protected drive.
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