looking for information on these systems

John R. Mattioli mattioli at TOOK.DEC.COM
Fri Sep 22 03:25:37 AEST 1989

future.  I'd like to avoid spending lots of money if at all possible (the
cheaper the better without skimping too seriously). 

	In doing my research I've found two extremely inexpensive systems.  One
of them is the Top Gun system from Micro Generation ($1,795) and the other is a
system (don't have a name for it) that is based on a "turn point" motherboard
(board allone costs $931). 

	Does anyone have experience with either the turn point board or the
micro generation system? 

	What are your feelings about these systems? 

	The micro generation includes (for $1795) a 25 mhz motherboard (they
claim a landmark speed of 33 mhz whatever that means), 2mb of 80ns ram, a 1:1
rll controler with floppy controler, a mono monitor and herc compatible video
controler, a 101 key keyboard, all in an at style case (add $150 for a tower). 

	This sounds too cheap to be possible, but it was reviewed in Pc Week so
I'm going to go find out more. 

	The other system is made by Bit Wise, has a 20mhz turn point
motherboard.  Since Bit Wise's price list was all done by parts, it is unclear
exactly what the cost of a system would be, but a good guess would be between
$1700 and $1900. 
Also, since the price list was all parts, I was able to see that a 25mhz
motherboard was only about $150 more. 

	Any information on these systems and boards would be greatly
appreciated.  I plan to run unix on this thing so I'd appreciate any unix input
as well (especially sco). 


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