TCP/IP over token-ring

Jack F. Vogel jackv at turnkey.TCC.COM
Wed Sep 27 01:28:59 AEST 1989

In article <347 at> sani at (Stefano Sani) writes:
>I have a PS/2 80 running ISC 2.0.2 with a token-ring board in it.
>I would like to get TCP/IP to talk to the ring, but what ISC provides
>is only compatible with ethernet boards. I have contacted tech support
>and they have told me that they don't plan to provide token ring TCP/IP.
>My question is then: is there anyone out there who either knows a third
>party vendor or who has managed this apparently undoable task?
As far as I know the only i386 Unix that provides Token-ring support for
TCP/IP is AIX (SURPRISE!! :-}) both for the PS/2 and 370 architecture
(when AIX370 becomes generally available, of course). I have not heard
of any third-party software out there. In fact, even if you were to get
a third party to do a device driver for you (and that should be possible
given the bucks) there could be a problem in needing hooks in the ISC
TCP software itself, I am not sure about that.

I have said this before, but if you have a PS/2 the best Unix port out
there (IMHO :-} ) is AIXPS/2. It costs no more than ISC and it gives you
goodies like token-ring, job control, etc., not to mention support (ahem,
:-} :-}). So, depending on how important token-ring is to you, you might
consider making a switch.

Disclaimer: This is not an official statement, my opinions only.

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