Mylex SCSI Controller, 16550A UARTS

Greg Wettstein NU013809 at NDSUVM1.BITNET
Tue Sep 26 23:46:49 AEST 1989

I am in the process of updating a terminal emulator that we use extensively
in house under VPIX.  As long as I am going to have the async. drivers taken
apart I was thinking about adding support for the 16550A.

I have been looking around for a source for a couple of these chips but have
not been successful.  I know that about 8 months ago someone on the net was
advertising single quantities from a large stockpile they had purchased but
I have not heard anything about this since.  If anyone has any information
about sources or has a couple they would like to part with please contact me
either through mail or via the net.  I would also be interested in locating
any and all information on the technical aspects of programming this device.
>From my understanding of the subject it is possible for application software
to 'sense' the presence of a 16550A and enable the FIFO's.  I gather from his
documentation that Chuck Forsberg of Omen does this with this DSZ and YAM

So if anybody has source or technical information on the 16550A I would be
eager to hear from you.  When I get 16550A support into the emulator I will
advise the net if I see any performance changes running under DOS/VPIX.
Once again thank you to everyone for offering an attentive ear(eye).

                                     As always,
                                     Dr. Greg Wettstein
                                     NU013809 at NDSUVM1

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