Install Mouse in alt interrupt for 386/ix

Steven H. Izen izen at
Wed Sep 6 15:15:52 AEST 1989

In article <8909052244.AA28660 at> Willy Paine says

>I do still want to install Microsoft Inport BUS mouse in any interrupt
>other than 1 - 7 for my 386/xi 2.0.2.   I have NO room between interrupt
>1 and 7 but I heard someone is using interrupt 12 for mouse.  If you know 
>the answer, please include file in /etc/conf/sdevice.d so I can right 
>address as well as interrupt number.  I would include how to change jumper 
>on BUS card (this is important or I would get PANIC error message).  

>It works fine with interrupt 3 and 5 but I have to give up for com2
>ports and tape drive and that is why I have no more room between 1 and 7. 

The way I made extra interrupts available was by moving the interrupts on my
parallel cards to 11 and 12.  This freed up interrupts 5 and 7 to use with
other devices (like a mouse).  However, I had to do a hardware patch to the
parallel boards to redirect the interrupt signals.(actually, I had an EE 
friend do the rewiring to my specs).  I don't believe that most bus mouse cards
are able to generate interrupts on the upper bus with any jumper position.  If
you are interested in more details on how I got this working, send email and
I'll go into more detail.

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