386/ix v2.0.2 vs. v2.0.1

Joe Bradley gb7 at prism.gatech.EDU
Sat Sep 30 00:00:12 AEST 1989

In article <3271 at amelia.nas.nasa.gov> izen at cwru.cwru.edu (Steven H. Izen) writes:
>In article <3248 at amelia.nas.nasa.gov> I wrote:
>>In article <2102 at hydra.gatech.EDU> gb7 at prism.gatech.EDU (Joe Bradley) writes:
>>>Can someone post what the differences between 386/ix v2.0.2 and
>>>v2.0.1 are? Those of us who have v2.0.1 would like to know.
>Well I finally got the x5 update...

Now I need to know, what is the X5 update?!

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