Using UNIX to control experiments with a 386 box.

Tom Herbert herbert at ektools.UUCP
Wed Sep 27 04:06:48 AEST 1989

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>2) One of the big worries about choosing Unix is the availability of
>device drivers especially for devices that don't have anything to
>do with business systems. Does anybody know of existing device drivers
>for IEEE-488 cards or image capture cards for either SCO or ISC?
There is a German board, called ines with a driver for Interactive
386/ix version 2.0.x.  I do not know who is the US distributor for this
board for we purchased it through a German subcontractor.  Here is their

ines - Innovative Elektronik-Systeme
Neuenhofer Allee 45
D - 5000 Koln 41
West Germany

This board should coexist with an intelligent ethernet controller board such
as the Micom np600 running DECnet or TCP/IP.  We run ours with DECnet.

>4) Is it realistic to run X Windows as the window system for this
>machine? Can one pop-up a VP/ix window under X (like one can under
>Suntools on the Sun 386i)?

Yes, vpix can run on any terminal, a "real" terminal, a virtual pty such as
an xterm window or a rlogin or telnet session.  You may be limited to text
only output since it is running under terminal emulation when it is running
in an xterm window.

Putting up vpix on your 386/ix system with NFS running, provides a DOS server
for any user on any other system on the network that is running from the same 
NFS server.

>				Tim Sullivan

Also Tim, you will like Unix alot better than DOS for running multi-protocals 
such as tcp/ip and IEEE488 simultaneously.

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