SCO Unix 3.2, Gateway 2000

rick furniss rickf at pmafire.UUCP
Wed Sep 13 02:53:29 AEST 1989

Gateway 2000 25-386, and SCO Unix3.2:

   Here are my observations on the above hardware & software to date.

Gateway 2000: 25 mgz 386, 4 megs ram, 64k cache, 340 meg micropolis,
              51/4, 31/2 floppies, Micronics motherboard, Phionix roms
              512k ATI Wonder Super VGA, Samsung 800/600 multisync monitor
              101 Keytronic keyboard, WD1007wa2 controller, 25 nsec cache
              80 nsec dram, 8-12 mgz buss speed selection, 6,8,25 mgz cpu
              selection., 1 par, 2 serial ports, clock, 220 watt ps, tower 

(1)  Gateway 2000 the company, seems busy, generaly in the know, and thier
     prices cannot be beat. They ship via FEDX, which shows they know how
     to handle computer equipment. I was going to purchase components and
     build my own unit, but found Gateways prices cheaper than I could build 
     a unit from parts, plus the unit is warrantied as a hole, so if there
     are any break downs, I have to deal with one company only.
       They give a 30 day money back, for ANY reason, then 1 year parts and
     labor.  I,ve had them ship me a new monitor already, as the one I recieved
     is somewhat erratic. (brightness changes without call).
     I run Unix, and made that clear to them, so they changed components that
     where shipped in my unit.  (hard disk, and contoller I think).
       The monitor they are shipping I,ve upgraded to a NEC 3d monitor for
     the 1024/768 resolution that the ATI board supports for another 100.00

      Unit as above delivered was 5700.00
        If youve ever dealt with software support form SCO or others, then
     you find Gateways support easily acceptable, and useable.
      I have nothing bad to say about Gateway 2000 !

SCO Unix 3.2:  Runtime, development, Xsight, vpix

    Unix 3.2 seems to be a solid, fast, and complete runtime system. 
  Its uses the ACCER fast file system, has C2 security and MANY SCO exstensions
  , like compress,last, and other PD type software one collects over the net.
     The sysadmsh is probably required for begginers, and even useable by Gurus
   once you get the hang of it.
   In fact its needed by gurus for the new C2 security and auditing stuff.

    Unix3.2 supports international character sets for the screen, keyboard etc.

   Transfering from a ATT V.2 Motorola system took some work, and probably
   is not a begginers idea of fun.  

   The development system has not shipped yet, but is suppose to be shipping
   in October.

   Vpix, with update A seems to be solid, relativley fast, and I,ve not been
   able to crash the system using it so far. (not counting locked terminal).
   Vpix, and Unix are fully integrated, and you can access the dos partition
   either via vpix, or as a mounted unix partition, or using the dosette type
   of commands, such as doscp etc. 
    I,ve not found any software that wouldnt run under vpix

   Xsight,  X11r2 I currently doesnt work, but they are
   suppose to have a fix this week ???, and I,m waiting for same before I
   can use Xsight.  From what I can see in the release disks, there are
   few server utilities, or enhancments.  It appears that xsight for Unix
   3.2 is a limited basic X11r2 implementation. (runtime).  I,ve seen only
   MOTIF type window manager and one other on the disks (mwm) and I forget
   the other manager.

The bad news.

Gateway 2000:   No bad news here :)

Unix 3.2:  The only problem I,ve found is that you MUST execute the cmos
           setup utility , before booting Unix, or the mouse is not detected
           and not useable.  I,m using a new Logitech buss mouse.
            Once this has been done before booting Unix, the mouse is usable
           in Unix proper, vpix, and anywhere you want. Under Unix sh the
           Unix screen, keyboard is noticably slower than running no mouse.
            You can use the mouse for software not designed for a mouse !!
             Note that you must request the Crypt utilities or you dont get
           them.  I also for some reason didnt get the maintance disks for
           the release, which are needed for the final release.  Through
           the standard support call  (REAL hassle) I did get them shipped.

Support:   If you call and expect to reach anyone other the the operator,
           or dispatcher, you,ll be hurting.  They seem to have support, ok
           but getting to it may take days, as they always return a scheduled
           call to you.  This means you MUST be at (A) phone number at
           (A) day and time to get support.  The other problem is that
           unless you really know your stuff and can answer thier questions
           youll have to be at your trouble machine !!!   real pain support !

Xsight:    Not working as of today, simple limited runtime, it seems.
           Suppose to be fixed anytime or day now.

Development:  Not shipping yet,  expected in October.

Vpix:  No bad news that I can see. Updated A supports up to Dos 3.3
       Minor bug in vpix install program, Update A required to add users.

    My limited view of SCO so far,  they have great solid products,
    but are next to un-usable when it comes to support.

     In my 10 years of dealing with software , hardware support companys
   Ive found NO software support worth paying for.
   Many companies have great hardware support.
  The above information agrees with what I consider standard findings over the
  years.  Good hardware support, very limited software support.
   I guess thats why I get paid for doing it.
(BIG disclaimer)
    Information supplied are my sole personal views.

Rick Furniss

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