How many users _really_ ?

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Sat Sep 2 02:26:00 AEST 1989

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> >->know that run (period)."
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> I know of one commercially available (or soon to be) multi processor (386's)
> backplane available.  It has 32 meg (plus) memory available, copious amounts
> of disk (something like up to 2.1 GB) and many other features.  I know it
> is AT compatible.  I have seen it run 16+ users reasonably and reliably using
> various desktop packages and doing some compilations of source.  This was a
> while ago tho and they may have gotten more performance out of it since
> then.  I don't know what os it runs currently.  They did use specially
> designed hardware to support the multiprocessing part of the architecture.
> The system has something like 128 serial ports (I doubt concurrently,
> but for sporadic users).  I have seen it run 64 users (up to about 16+ at
> any one time) do quite a bit of desktop work and printing in about 90 mins.
> Actually, it has more than 128 serial ports but a conflict in the device
> driver for those ports only permitted 128 ports for terminal usage.  This
> may have been resolved by now.
> Just to make sure people know where I am coming from, I used to work for
> this purposely unmentioned computer vendor.  I was part of this;
> I worked on the part of the project that got these benchmark results.
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  I'd be ***REAL*** interested in any such machines. I have a multi-processor
UNIX OS that I have ported to the '386 AT systems, and I can not use its
multi-processor features until one of these machines come out. We are building
an OLTP product using 33 MHZ 386 motherboards, and want to upgrade to 
multi-processor as soon as I can get hardware from someone.


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