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Mark J. DeFilippis mark at promark.UUCP
Mon Sep 18 03:23:19 AEST 1989

In article <32 at fleet.UUCP>, mel at fleet.UUCP (mel) writes:
> I've received only two responses about ALR computers - neither were flattering
> to this company.
> Are there any other users out there with ALR experience?  Thanks for your
> help and information in advance.

I cannot speak of the ALR flexcache line, but we have been running SCO XENIX
386, 8 meg memory, Computone Intelliport 8, and advantage cards, with no
problems on a ALR 386/2 16 mhz and 20 Mhz.  I have found that if it runs
under Xenix on another box, it runs on these ALR boxes.

This was not always the case.  Prior to 2.3 we had several problems with
Xenix and third party software, but the support from SCO and ALR was
fairly decent.  When 2.3 came out, most of the problems were resolved.
ALR is a supported OEM in SCO's eyes.

You will also note, that if you have access to the net maps and you 
browse through them, many ALR 386/2 's exist.  I believe that the 386/2
model has been discontinued, but you can still get them.

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