386 interrupts, pcnfs

Keith Ericson keithe at tekgvs.LABS.TEK.COM
Fri Sep 1 06:42:22 AEST 1989

In article <22902 at louie.udel.EDU> montgome at udel.EDU (Kevin Montgomery) writes:
>Does anybody run Sun's pcnfs software on PC's and a 386 system V machine??
>I have been haveing trouble bringing such a system up, and would love to hear
>from anybody who has been successfull.

I have an Everex STEP/25  that runs either [MS-DOS+PC-NFS using a
WD8003E/PLUS] or AT&T SysVR3.2 (from Intel) with Wollongong's TCP/IP
and NFS (with the same WD8003E/PLUS, of course.)

The WD8003E/PLUS is jumpered to what it thinks is interrupt 2.  I
configured the PC-NFS software to use IRQ2 but the Wollongong to use
IRQ9.  It works with two/three comm ports (1&2, plus comm3 as long as I
don't try to use 1 & 3 at the same time: comm 2 is my serial mouse,
comm 1 is hooked to the inhouse communications system and comm3 is an
internal modem), and a printer port.


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