Mylex SCSI Controller

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In article <369 at csense.UUCP> bote at csense.UUCP (John Boteler) writes:
>Whose 32 bit slot? Intel's?  AMI's?  Mylex's new one?  Silicon Valley's?

The card goes in the 32-bit slot on Mylex's MX (25&33) series motherboard.
According to Mylex, this slot is `based' on the Intel AT/32 32-bit slot,
but the board *will not* work in, say, an Intel 301 or 302.

>The emulation is interesting...I assume they mean they emulate
>ST-506 interface?

I believe the Mylex people said in emulated a WD controller until
(as yet undefined how) a driver is loaded into the board.

>How Nobell of them to support UNIX!

Ummmm...was this suppose to mean something, or just a stupid comment?

>Curious as to how a SCSI host controller can easily perform 
>cache operations?

Well...they have a microprocessor and a hoard of memory on board.
Think about it...or at least go review the recent discussion of
the DPT controller for some excellent commentary, pro and con, on
the issues involved in caching disk controllers...

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