386/ix User-level Performance??

Larry Snyder larry at nstar.UUCP
Sun Sep 3 00:28:41 AEST 1989

In article <6750 at stiatl.UUCP>, john at stiatl.UUCP (John DeArmond) writes:
> I have been very disappointed at the quality of the ISC release (2.0.1).
> The install script would not work from drive B: - ISC tech support 
> admitted they'd never tested it from b:.  The asy and uucp is mortally
> wounded.  I wrote a replacement uugetty to replace the one supplied so

Brian at Interactive mentioned that an fix for the uugetty problem in
the asc driver will be released next week (the first full week in
Sept) and I would suggest you contact him about getting on the update
list.   I have been having major problems getting my modems to work
bi-directional (HST and PEP) on COM1 and COM2 - and have ended up
with only ONE modem working dialing OUTBOUND.   I was hoping that
by getting a smartcard and using the vendors driver I could work
around the problem - but no such luck (at least with the Computone
and their latest driver - and Digiboard is aware of a problem in
their ISC 2.02 driver which is being worked on in-house and should
be released by Digiboard engineers within two weeks).  

> I could trap out the spurrious signals being generated from somewhere. 
> Handling of carrier detect is poor at best and just plain broken at worst.
> In one case, when we tried to read from /dev/tty01 directly, an ioctl call 
> to put the port in raw mode resulted in the program being dumped back to the 

I haven't been able to get modems on COM1 and COM2 to both dial OUTBOUND.
COM1 works fine (but COM2 just doesn't want to work under 386/ix).

> The configuration facility and kernal rebuild is difficult to work with
> mainly because of rather poor documentation.  We had to manually edit a
> configuration file to turn on a second asy port.  We had an apparent 

Let me know about this one - I need my second port.

> a large, smart SCSI drive is incredible.  Their fast file system really
> does work.

That is the best thing they have going for them.  

> The VP/IX and X-windows do work, albeit with similiar gotchas caused 
> mainly by poor documentation.  And we've found that for serious X applications,
> VGA-level resolution is really not enough.

Does one really need a math co-processor to run X-windows?

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