Computone board for dial in/out modem - anybody make it work

Larry Snyder larry at nstar.UUCP
Sat Jan 13 03:45:23 AEST 1990

> The problem we experienced, as I recall, was that the board did
> not properly manipulate the DTR line (left it on all the time, I
> believe) so that when the port was disabled, the modem still
> answered the line.  This problem led me to ask other questions,
> and that was when we discovered it would not work in/out at the
> same port.

I had an interesting go around with smartboards, and most recently
the Computone Intelliport under Interactive Unix System V.

Currently I have the Intelliport working just dandy with 4 high speed
modems including a Telebit Trailblazer - and all modems are locked at
one baud rate thus allowing the modems to step down to the carrier rate.
This instantly sends /etc/issue out the port when CD goes high and works
fine for bi-directional communications.

Problems that I have come up across include incorrect pin-outs in both the Computone
manual - and wrong information given by their technical support team.  I
ended up swapping pins and using a breakout box (along with help for several
folks who read netnews) and now the modems are all working fine
using XON/XOFF but since ISC doesn't support CTSFLOW in /etc/gettydefs,
I can't get complete hardware handshaking to work bi-directionally.

My system is running very well now - and most recently I installed X (ISC's
release 1.0) and it is amazing how fast the windowing operates even with
the system fully loaded.  The Computone board takes a massive load off
the primary CPU and throughput is very fast.
          Larry Snyder, Northern Star Communications, Notre Dame, IN USA 
                uucp: larry at nstar -or- ...!iuvax!ndmath!nstar!larry

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