looking for problem reports with Unix or VP/ix on Micronics plus...

Peter Henry henry at Apple.COM
Sat Jan 6 13:41:18 AEST 1990

Has anyone had any problems running various incarnations of UNIX on the
Micronics 25 or 33 Mhz cache-based motherboards?  I'm about to drop $4k on
a system, and don't want to get stuck.  Also, has anyone got any preferences
for ESDI controllers (i.e. Adaptec, Western Digital, or DTC).  Any problems
with controllers?

I gather from other articles that the Logitech and Microsoft mice are
well supported, and perhaps the ATI mouse will work.  Did I correctly read
somewhere here that the ATI board works with a logitech mouse, making
a perfect (and cheap) combo?

Thanks!  Reply via EMAIL (or post iff it bounces), and I'll summarize.

(I suppose it might also be nice to know what platforms people are running
on in general, but I'll probably get flooded with mail on this one!)

-Peter Henry (peter at nucleus.apple.com or henry at apple.com)

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