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Sat Jan 6 17:12:32 AEST 1990

I just purchased the 386/ix devolopers package. Is was wondering if
I have the latest version. The OS is 2.0.2 and the devolopment system
is 2.0.0.  My other question is about the ATI VGA wonder card. Is there any 
way to use the extended functions of this card (1024 X 783) under VP/ix?

I have a computer set up on com2: (tty01)  as a terminal. I have tty01
set up as 19200. With this setting I have to use 7 bit even. I tried 19200H
and this does 8 bit none, but when I turn off the terminal, thee computer say
tty01 respawning too fast: chech for errors. (?)
My last question, I would like try some of the files from comp.sources.unix.
What is the procedure for instralling them or where can I find that
information?  I hope you guys can be of some help. Thanks.


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dante at super68.uucp  (cmcl2!dasys1!super68!dante)

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