Anyone have Exabyte up on 286/386 *ix box?

Arthur B. Smith art at
Sat Jan 6 02:46:33 AEST 1990

Help! Help, oh netlanders!

    We are trying to track down some "pc" (i.e. a '286 or '386 (or
even '486) box) running some Unix-ish operating system (Interactive's
386/ix, xenix, etc.) that supports the Exabyte 8mm helical tape.  We
need to be able to read tar format tape cartridges written by an
Exabyte on a "pc" machine.  Has anyone done this?  We can't find
anyone who has the Exabyte running on such a box.

    Thanks in advance, and PLEASE e-mail responses directly to:

art at       	(internet)
...!uunet!wucs1!dinorah!art 	(usenet)
(314) 362-2950	    	    	(voice)

    	    	-art smith

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