FAS async driver for 386 unix (announcement)

Uwe Doering gemini at geminix.UUCP
Mon Jan 8 01:06:22 AEST 1990

Hi netlanders!

I am about to release the public domain async driver (FAS) mentioned
once or twice in this newsgroup. Because it is a 386 unix specific
piece of software I'll post it in comp.unix.i386 rather than in some
source group. The driver posting itself will follow in a few days.

This driver was tested under ISC 386/ix 2.0.2 and MicroPort SYSV/386
Vers. 3.0e and has the following features:

-  It supports the NS16550 UART chip in FIFO mode.
-  Modem sharing for dial-in and dial-out on the same port is possible.
-  It has hardware flow control.

The reason for announcing this source posting in advance is to make sure
that as many people as possible will get it. From the many postings during
the last months about problems with the vendors standard serial drivers
I conclude that there is a need for a full-featured driver that really
works. Therefor, keep an eye on this newsgroup for the next few days.

In the meantime you may go out and buy some NS16550A chips as replacements
for the 8250 or NS16450 devices on your serial card. They are the key to
highspeed serial ports without losing characters. And they are much less
expensive than an "intelligent" serial card.

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