ALR 386SX <<<uPORT SV/386 + Locus Merge 386 ???

John Wilson jpw at jdyx.UUCP
Fri Jun 1 22:00:26 AEST 1990

	I just purchased some new (old) software for my home system. I'd
like to know if anyone has experienced problems with this particular
combination of hardware/software.

      present config:                             new stuf

ALR 286 powerflex box				386-SX upgrade module
1 MB ram					at least 1MB more
40 MB - 28us fixed disk				additional serial card
VGA-Wonder card (256K) w/mouse		  >>>   Microport System V/386 (r3.0)
TVM 3A monitor				  >>>   Locus Merge 386 (v-1.00)
IBM DOS 4.01

Canon XT clone luggable
CGA monitor

	I understand that MicroPort Co. is in recievership or re-organizing;
don't know much about Locus, but the price was right on these two packages.
	Anyway, I plan to install the System V and create a physical DOS
partition during the installation.  The Canon XT-clone will be used as
an additional `terminal' from a serial port on the ALR.
	My major concern is of the 386-> SX < compatibility at 16MHz with
this unix OS - and also the ATI VGA-Wonder card/monitor/mouse-port working
with all of the above. 

	Anyone have any comments-suggestions-warnings about the above

Please E-mail. Thank you.

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