UUCP files/directories being removed under SCO UNIX

Wm E. Davidsen Jr davidsen at sixhub.UUCP
Wed Jun 6 08:21:34 AEST 1990

In article <7585 at pbhyf.PacBell.COM> kjk at PacBell.COM (Ken Keirnan) writes:

  This ugly shell script:

| 		cd /usr/spool/uucp
| 		for i in *
| 		do
| 			cd $i
| 			.
| 			.
| 			cleanup code
| 			.
| 			.
| 			cd ..
| 		done

  Any competent programmer would write 

        cd $i || continue

to insure that if the cd failed everything would fail cleanly.

  Yes, you can say

        [ -d $i ] || continue

instead, or several other things, but the idea is that good programmers
put error checking in their scripts, *and comments too!!* I don't find
SCO any worse than anyone else on this, although they did still have "^"
instead of "|" in some of the schell scripts which come with their text
system. This makes them fail with ksh, and I reported it over a year
before I bought my last text set.
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