Looking for an automated test package

Don Taylor taylord at spock
Fri Jun 8 23:38:45 AEST 1990

I am looking for an automated test package that will allow me to run
unattended test scripts against an application running on a VT100 terminal and
enable me to analayze the results.

Presumably, the tester would become the DTE to the host's RS232C port.

I could run it on a PC (MS-DOS or ISC Unix), a Sun or a VAX running VMS. It
does not have to be free.  

Since I do not monitor these news groups regularly, would you please e-mail me 
directly.  If I get any interesting responses then I will post them.

Thx. in advance,

Don Taylor-- 
Don Taylor (613)-592-2122 x 3007	 mitel!taylord at uunet.uu.net
Mitel Corp.				 ...!uunet!mitel!taylord    
350 Legget Drive, Kanata		
Ontario, Canada, K2K 1X3		

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