Multi-Window ASCII

Larry Williamson larry at focsys.uucp
Fri Jun 29 00:53:34 AEST 1990

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   Hi all, I am running AT&T SYS V R3.2 at work (Bell Labs) and we are
   looking into a group of applications we would need running side by
   side on dumb terminals (non bit mapped).

Check out Structured Software Solutions' Facet/Term package. We've
been using it here for nearly a year and we are extremely happy with

It will work on the console and any attached terminals. Many different
terminals are supported. The terminals can be connected via serial
ports, ethernet based terminal server, they can be dos machines
running kermit, telnet, rlogin, just about anything.

What you get is virtual terminals for your terminals, just like the
console gets. Plus you can divide you screen up with, say the top half
as one window and the bottom half as another window. You can display a
window, say 10x10, inside a larger window (sort of a popup window).

There are ioctl() calls that allow your applications to work with

All in all, it is kind of a poor man's X window package for ascii

Structured Software Solutions
Neal Bert
4031 West Plano Parkway
Plano, Texas
(214) 985-9901


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