800 by 600

Stephen Wong stephen at hantsq.enet.dec.com
Thu Jun 28 01:28:42 AEST 1990

>Has anyone had any luck at all running either the Video Seven 1024i or
>the ATI VGA Wonder-16 in 800X600 mode in X-windows. if so please if you 
>would send me the information on this. Also if any one could advise me on
>what board does support 800X600 under interactive.  
SCO ODT (no flame please) supports Video Seven 1024i in 800x600 mode.  But it
doesn't support ATI.  SCO ODT supports VGA card using TSENG LAB ET3000AX chip
sets up to 1024x768x16 resolutions.  I know nothing about Interactive.

stephen at hantsq.enet.dec.com

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