single user ODT

Arch Harris arch at
Thu Jun 14 14:58:57 AEST 1990

ODT is what SCO calls a 2-user license.  They also sell just plain
old UNIX with a 2-uer license.  The licensing restriction (which you
SHOULD honor) limits you to 2 concurrent logins.  But there software
limits you to only one network or serial line `getty'.  Thus you may
be in a situation where you will never have more than 2 users on the system at once
but you want gettys on a number of serial and/or network lines.  The
solution is to write your own getty which does not check to see if
there are any other gettys.  I did this to solve a problem and it worked fine.
Note this would also allow as many users as you want to login.  This
does not make having many user login legal however.

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