Does ISC support Orchid ProDesigner-Plus in high-resolution?

Ira Baxter baxter at
Fri Jun 15 18:04:59 AEST 1990

In <37034 at ucbvax.BERKELEY.EDU> dma at stat.Berkeley.EDU (D. Mark Abrahams) writes:

>Does anyone know whether the current versions of ISC's X-windows and
>VP/ix products support the Orchid ProDesigner-Plus video card in
>1024 x 768 resolution?  Failing that, in 800 x 600 resolution?

>I phoned Interactive.  They say that it's not on their current
>compatibility list and that this means that they have never tested it
>and they don't know the answer.

Well, I am currently struggling with this.  The short answer is that
nobody is sure.

The ProDesigner-Plus I have works fine under DOS in both vanilla VGA
and 1024x768 with color (tested with FRACTINT).  It also works as
console under ISC 2.0.2, as high-res 1024x768 with color under X11R3
(this is very pretty).  What it *doesn't* do is work as vanilla VGA
under VPIX 1.01.01; with the "VGAROM" line in VPIX.CNF commented out,
the console display locks up and a reboot is required; with the
"VGAROM" line in, you get a grey-scale-only display, that is usable
with VPIX if all you want is grey.

I have talked to another user who is completely successful with this
card on his 386, so there is hope; I am trying to use it with a 486,
so maybe that's the problem, but I doubt it.  I am currently
discussing the problem with Orchid, and they act like they are
interested in resolving the problem, so we'll see.  I'll post
the results when they are in.

I have heard a number of reports that the STB-EM16 and STB-EM16+ cards work just fine.

Does anybody know why typing "quit" to VPIX usually fails?
I usually have to do ALT-SYSREQ/M/Q to kill VPIX.

Ira Baxter

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