386/ix X11 w. Sigma Designs Laser-View

Scott Wiesner scottw at ico.isc.com
Thu Jun 7 06:53:05 AEST 1990

>From article <1047 at dksoft.incom.de>, by dirk at dksoft.incom.de (Dirk Koeppen):
> Has anybody figured out how to use the 2 plane (4 grey scales)
> facility of the newer Sigma Designs Laser-View video adapters ?
> Mine ony uses black and white (no grey scales) even if there is a grey
> scale video controller in. I am using the 386/ix X11R3 rel. 1.1 server.
> thanks,
> Dirk Koeppen

Sorry, we don't support the 2 plane mode on the Laserview.  Bear in mind
that if we ever do get it supported, you'll suffer a performance penalty.
Some things (especially scrolling and moving windows) would only be half
as fast in a 2 plane mode.

Scott Wiesner
Interactive Systems
X Development Group

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