Did you know SCO ODT is SINGLE USER ONLY??

Ray Shwake shwake at raysnec.UUCP
Wed Jun 13 23:30:50 AEST 1990

Yes, promotion of Open Desktop as a $995 ticket to a personal workstation
doesn't make it clear that this is a 1-2 user license but we've been in
this business a long time and should know how to read fine print, and
ask when clarification is required. (I know that two simulataneous users
are supported, since I regularly get uucp logins while operating one or
more console sessions.)

For what's offered, $995 is consistent with pricing practices for the
Intel/386 world: fairly expensive given SCO premium pricing but not totally
out of line. What irks this writer (speaking personally, of course) is the
price for the multi-user upgrade, not to mention the developer upgrade.
Interactive's pricing is far more reasonable. The current benchmark for
personal workstation pricing is Apple's A/UX 2.0, which regrettably requires
a proprietary platform.

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