Xenix vs. UNIX

Roger Knopf 5502 rogerk at sco.COM
Fri Jun 29 11:00:46 AEST 1990

In article <2680CBDB.282C at tct.uucp> chip at tct.uucp (Chip Salzenberg) writes:
>Yes, SCO will be supporting SCO Unix.  And SCO will, I expect, be
>dropping Xenix fairly soon.

ARRGGHHH! No! No! We are *not* dropping Xenix soon. We have *no*
plans to drop Xenix. We still make bug fixes for Xenix. If enough
customers ask for it, we may even add a feature or two.

Sorry for the aggravated tone. I thought we had said this enough
times. As long as customers still want to buy Xenix, SCO will still
sell and support it. This is driven _totally_ by demand from the
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