i486, ISC 2.0.2, VPIX, Orchid Prodesigner Plus = bad news

Gary Blumenstein garyb at crpmks.UUCP
Thu Jun 7 23:23:59 AEST 1990

In article <9006032202.aa29658 at PARIS.ICS.UCI.EDU> baxter at zola.ICS.UCI.EDU (Ira Baxter) writes:
>I wanted VPIX VGA, plus 1024x768 under X11.  I tried this combination, as I
>had feedback from one soul that indicated this works.
>VPIX + Prodesigner locks up in funny ways; once you lock up the
>/dev/console, you have to re-boot. 
>In the meantime...  I'm considering returning the Orchid board.
>Anybody used the STB VGA board like this?  
>[..] any remarks?

I'm not exactly sure whether you mean you're trying to do VGA from within
X, for instance

I use the STB VGA EM/16  (16 bit, 512K) board and it works fine under running
a 1024x768 X server on one multiscreen, with a 1024x768 VGA session under 
VP/ix running in another multiscreen.  I can switch between the two screens
all day long without any problems.  

Aside:  VP/ix also runs in text mode in an xpcterm window under X.  It also 
works from a different X server (X terminal) over the ethernet.  Not too

Summary:  I love the STB board.  The next step up would be an intelligent 
graphics setup.  Something like a TI84020 with oodles of memory and it's own
X server.   I selected STB for three reasons;  1024x768, I could afford it, 
and because a posting last year said the software engineer who wrote the VGA 
X server for ISC uses one.

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