Just what TERMINFO variables does tset use for stty'ing?.

Greyham Stoney greyham at hades.OZ
Wed Jun 13 14:52:17 AEST 1990

I'm trying to fix our login procedure so that the TERM environment variable
and the stty settings for 'erase' and 'kill' are automagically set correctly
when a user logs in. tset is claimed to be able to do this, and I've managed
to get it to read /etc/ttytype OK.

The manual says that tset uses the TERMINFO capabilities to set 'erase' and
'kill' characters, but doesn't say which capabilities it looks at.

Can anyone tell me what TERMINFO capabilities I should be setting to get
tset to set these characters correctly?. In particular, tset sets 'erase'
to ^H by default, and that's not what some of our terminals use.


ps: slip me a copy in the mail if you post a reply please.

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