Interactive on an old Compaq DeskPro

Hank Farber farber at lindy.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jun 7 06:07:08 AEST 1990

Pogo Possum writes that he has trouble with ISC unix on an old compaq desqpro.

I write:
I had a similar problem with a micronics motherboard that was a clone of the
old compaq deskpro.  A call to ISC got me the information that there is a
problem with DMA on the early compaq motherboards.  All sorts of flakey things
happen when using the floppy drives, tape drive, and/or coprocessor.  I would
get hanging disk drives, panics, parity errors, core dumps, etc.  I "solved"
it by trading in the machine (still okay for dos) for a different clone with a
different motherboard (TPE).  Works great and no problems since. 
Unfortunately, I could not think of a workaround for the old machine, but I
like the new one much better (much faster).

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