Did you know SCO ODT is SINGLE USER ONLY??

Jim Morris morris at dms.UUCP
Sat Jun 16 03:36:15 AEST 1990

>From article <6785 at scorn.sco.COM>, by rogerk at sco.COM (Roger Knopf 5502):
> In article <1095 at dms.UUCP> morris at dms.UUCP (Jim Morris) writes:
>> ....
>> 	SCO Open DeskTop (1 user)		$ 1000
> Why? Open DeskTop sports an AT&T 2 user license and indeed two users
> can login. By login, we mean "2 keyboards", ie one user can get as 
> much up on the console as they want and its still one user. The
> second keyboard can be local, rlogined or telneted, dialed in, etc.

I am going by what the license says.

It specifies One user on one CPU. I agree that it actually lets
multiple logins at the console.

Are you suggesting we violate your license agreement??? ( :>) )

BTW I am not "MAD" at SCO anymore. I had a nice chat with someone at
SCO sales and they convinced me that it is not a deliberate policy
to mislead people, but that ODT marketing is directed at people
who use workstations as opposed to people looking for a Unix system.

The pricing and specs for SCO Unix are very upfront and I see where
SCO is coming from on the ODT marketing angle.

Unfortunately we still cannot justify paying twice as much for
a multi user Unix system, even if SCO is a great outfit !!

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