undocumented AT&T 3.2.2 '386 questions

Mike Rubin rubin at cbnewsl.att.com
Thu Jun 14 07:37:57 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jun12.152301.1602 at sawmill.uucp> buhrt at sawmill.uucp (Jeffery A Buhrt) writes:
>Ideas on:
>1) Smoothing mouse movement under VP/ix (making it not jump randomly, etc).
>	The mouse is a IMSI serial mouse ('Kraft' serial driver under DOS).

Sorry to say, the answer is probably a bus mouse.  "Polling" the serial port
on a timesharing system just isn't smooth.  There is a new VP/IX coming out
for SVR3.2.3 which may help some.

>2) Keyboard lockup when running vtlmgr and ksh (in gmacs mode).

Haven't seen that on SVR3.2.x, but I haven't tested it much since ksh
is not part of the base Unix system until SVR4.  I use ksh in emacs mode
on SVR4.0 and have not seen lockup.

>3) How do you change the cursor from a flashing underscore to something
>	else (flashing block)?

Echo "\033[1c" (escape, open-bracket, one, c) to the console.  Zero sets
it back to underline, 2 sets it to invisible.  (Documented in display(7))
Vi and anything else that issues a "tput reset" will change it back;
you could modify your terminfo for AT386 and change the initialization string.

--Mike Rubin <mike at attunix.att.com>

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