Sendmail + Sites with names in uppercase = Argh!

Jack F. Vogel jackv at turnkey.TCC.COM
Mon Jun 4 23:32:21 AEST 1990

In article <1906 at zap.UUCP> fortin at zap.UUCP (Denis Fortin) writes:
>Sigh.  't would have been much simpler if ix/386 came with documentation
>for!  Oh well.
It does!! ISC has a whole manual devoted to sendmail and it includes more
information on the cf file than I have ever seen elsewhere including the
meaning of the macros, the flow of the rulesets, etc. I am not sure if
your mailer flag is documented or not, but you can't fault ISC considering
they do an above-average job of documenting a public-domain software

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