Clean Compile! (ESIX - gcc)

Steve Bleazard steve at
Fri Jun 8 03:49:00 AEST 1990

In article <5637 at> trw at (Weil timothy) writes:
>After several days of going nowhere with compile command
>lines such as
>         * gcc -ansi -B -c -o file.o file.c
>OR,      * gcc -ansi -B -o file file.c
>OR,      * gcc -ansi -B file.c
>I mostly ran into the following error message -
>  "ld: malformed input file (not rel or archive) file.o
>SO, like most good experimenters I stumbled onto a Makefile
>which resulted in -
>         * gcc -O -c file.c
>         * cc file.o -o file
>and THIS ONE WORKED!  (and I've got no idea why).
>From your earlier postings I got the impression that you were using a
binary only distribution of gcc (ie you didn't compile gcc yourself)
is this the case? If it is then there's a very good chance you are
running my Xenix port of GCC / GAS, in which case the .o files are
in OMF format.   I must admit to being puzzled by the fact cc manages
to link the file - does it invoke a more intelligent linker ie one
that understands OMF? it is possible that your standard ld (the one
invoked by gcc) does not.  If this is the case, ln(C)-ing the more
intelligent ld to /usr/local/lib/gcc-ld will allow gcc to link as well.

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