GNUemacs Murder-Suicide under BASH

Kim Christian Madsen kimcm at
Fri Jun 1 08:50:05 AEST 1990

rock at rancho.uucp (Rock Kent) writes:

>I have GNU Emacs 18.55 running under BASH version 1.05 on an 80386
>machine running System V Release 3.

Same here, just running on a MC68030 running System V/68 R3V6
(Motorola port of AT&T UNIX System V Release 3.1 (I think))

>While I'm happy with them individually, they have an aggravating habit
>when working together.  The first time I hit ^G in emacs in order to
>abort an extended command everything is OK.  The second time, though,
>a signal is somehow passed on the bash causing both emacs and bash to
>terminate leaving only the message "Fatal error (1).".  

I've seen others having this problem as well, and someone indicating
that the bash didn't react properly to System V signals. But lacking
the time to investigate the source code myself, I hereby make a
request to the authors of bash or others willing to correct this
misbehaving, to post fixes to the net.

It is really awful to see such a good shell as bash be abandoned (as I
have done, at least temporary) just because of this strange behaviour
in company with emacs.

						Best Regards
						Kim Chr. Madsen
						kimcm at

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