dumpsave under System V (ESIX)

Jonathan R. Senning jrs2p at amsun26.apma.Virginia.EDU
Fri Jun 15 02:28:01 AEST 1990

Within the last week, there were several postings regarding how to bypass
the "Do you want to save it?" question about the system dump after a system

Conor P. Cahill (uunet!virtech!cpcahil) made the suggestion of adding
the line (sleep 10 ; kill $$) to /etc/dumpsave.  This seemed strange to
me as after 10 seconds the processes running dumpsave would be killed
even if the user was trying to save the system dump (wouldn't it?).

I made the following changes to /etc/dumpsave on my ESIX system so that
unless an action (control-C) is taken within 10 seconds.  The changes are
given below as a context diff, but all it amounts to is adding some lines
after the line informing the user there may be a system dump.


*** dumpsave.orig	Wed Sep 20 00:01:00 1989
--- dumpsave	Wed Jun 13 13:57:12 1990
*** 22,27 ****
--- 22,37 ----
  echo 'There may be a system dump memory image in the swap device.'
+ echo 'Enter ctrl-C within 10 seconds to save it...'
+ trap break 2
+ while :
+ do
+ 	sleep 10
+ 	exit 0
+ done
+ trap 2
  while :
  	echo 'Do you want to save it? (y/n)> \c'


Jonathan R. Senning
University of Virginia

jrs2p at virginia.edu

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