Warm boot problem

Supoj Sutanthavibul paul at cs.utexas.edu
Thu Jun 28 08:39:48 AEST 1990

I am having a warm boot prolbem with my ESIX 386 system.
My configuration is the followings:

	- Micronics 386-33 with 64KB 2-way associative cache
	- 8MB memory
	- AHA1542A SCIS host adapter
	- Fujitsu M2249SA 330 MB drive
	- Paradise Professional VGA

The disk has DOS and ESIX partition.  When cache is enabled,
I would be able to cold boot ESIX (after long shutdown).
But the system will go into infinite loop whenever I try to warm boot
either by CNTRL-ALT-DEL, depressing reset button or cycling the power.
What I got in each loop are BIOS messages, memory check, AHA1542A
messages and a beep.

The problem disappears when I disable cache or reduce it to 32 KB
(direct-map).  The reboot problem never occurs when DOS partition is
active.  The only way to break the loop is to depress a key while the
BIOS is checking the keyboard.  I would get a prompt for continuation
(F1) or setup (F2) after the AHA1542A messages.  If I press F1, ESIX
will boot properly.

Has anyone ever experienced similar problem?

Btw, I was unable to set the DMA transfer speed on the AHA1542A higher
than 5.7 MB/s no matter whether cache is enabled or not.  ESIX will
panic on boot whenever the speed is set at 6.7 or 8 MB/s.

Is it possible to get the speed higher than this?


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