undocumented AT&T 3.2.2 '386 questions

Jeffery A Buhrt buhrt at sawmill.uucp
Wed Jun 13 01:23:01 AEST 1990

Ideas on:

1) Smoothing mouse movement under VP/ix (making it not jump randomly, etc).
	The mouse is a IMSI serial mouse ('Kraft' serial driver under DOS).

2) Keyboard lockup when running vtlmgr and ksh (in gmacs mode).
	Laying on the return (or typing ahead sometimes) to ksh,
	the keyboard will lock up (not respond to any keystrokes).
	The two ways of recovering (unlocking the keyboard) are: 
		1) kill -INT [ksh process], from a remote terminal
			(serial, dialup, etc)
		2) unplug the keyboard, and plug it back in
		3) if you had a job in the background, the keyboard will
			return when it exits.
	Ksh is blocked in a read, and the interrupt breaks it out.
	-It appears to be when different processes take control of the
3) How do you change the cursor from a flashing underscore to something
	else (flashing block)?
AT&T SysV 3.2:
	VP/ix Version 1.01.00
	Ksh Version 6/3/86d
	Unix SysV
	vtlmgr (from strings): @(#)/usr/src/add-on/face/pkg/./usr/bin/vtlmgr.sl
				1.1 3.2c 05/25/89 59364 AT&T-SF

Thank you.

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