Did you know SCO ODT is SINGLE USER ONLY??

Brain in Neutral bin at primate.wisc.edu
Wed Jun 13 08:01:11 AEST 1990

>From article <1093 at dms.UUCP>, by morris at dms.UUCP (Jim Morris):
> The license states that only 1 user on a single CPU can use the system.

This sounds like what I would expect:  *this* software on *one* machine.
If "the system" means "no other logins", then that would be strange, but
if "the system" means ODT proper, then that is no different, as I said before
from only myself being able to use X-windows on my workstation.  Other people
can telnet to me, but they can't use the windowing software like I can.  This
doesn't surprise me.
> You can run multiple Xterm sessions from the 1 login I would think, but
> as far as I can tell it does enforce a single login at a time to the
> Unix system.

Since you didn't try it, you don't know.  If ODT *does* keep other logins
out, that's bad news.  And what would be the point?  Maybe someone from SCO
would comment?

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