Com3/4 under UNIX/386!

Clinton Jeffery cjeffery at
Sat Jun 30 07:39:13 AEST 1990

Thanks, those of you who reported being able to use cheap Com[1-4] port
boards under UNIX V/386!  Now on behalf of myself and a half dozen people
who wrote me asking for info, would someone PLEASE post or e-mail me
how one tells UNIX to configure in Com3-4 ??  Or e-mail me what reference
I should obtain, which would contain this information?  (Hint: its not
in the V/386 System Admin docs).

I will gladly forward any e-mail replies I get to those of you who sent me
mail asking for info!

Thanks again,
| Clint Jeffery, U. of Arizona Dept. of Computer Science
| cjeffery at -or- {noao allegra}!arizona!cjeffery

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