Help with some Kernel functions

Paul Puglia puglia at
Thu Jun 14 10:49:12 AEST 1990

    Has anyone out in netland ever heard of two kernel functions called
repinsw() and repoutsw()?  They are referenced in a device driver that 
will supposely compile into an intel unix's kernel.  I am trying to 
to compile the driver into a Microport kernel, and I get as far as linking
the kernel when ld reports that these functions are undefined.  If someone
could give me a man page like description of these functions, then I could 
figure out if it is possible to complete my task.  It seem from looking 
at the driver's code that these everything will work with the microports stuff.
If it is possible to clone these functions, I think I can at least compile the
driver into the kernel.  As far as getting the driver to work with the 
device it was written for, well that is another story.  Any help will be very 
much appreciated.  If you can, please repond via e-mail to 
either this account or the e-mail address given below. I am not a regular 
reader of this group.

Thanks in Advance,

Paul Puglia
Dept of Civil Engineering
Columbia University

puglia at (internet)

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